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Sydney McNally - 1/2015

January 2015 - Sydney McNally


Congratulations to Sydney McNally of Lenape High School who is on her way back from ACL surgery. Sydney has dedicated herself to doing everything she can to return to playing soccer after suffering the injury last June. Sydney is a graduating senior and will be playing soccer at the University of Scranton next year. We appreciate your hard work the past few months Sydney and wish you luck next year at school.

3DPT: Tell me about your injury - how did you tear your ACL?

SYDNEY: I tore it at club soccer practice. I was going to shoot and I turned the wrong way and heard a pop.

3DPT: How soon after the injury did you get surgery and when did you start physical therapy?

SYDNEY: I had surgery two weeks after I tore it. I started therapy a couple days after surgery.

3DPT: What was the hardest part of your rehabilitation?

SYDNEY: The hardest part was learning how to walk and run correctly again. I am running right now but it still doesn’t feel perfect.

3DPT: When did you start coming to 3DPT for rehab?

SYDNEY: I started coming to 3DPT about 5 months after surgery because I still wasn’t ready to start doing sports performance training for soccer.

3DPT: How was your physical therapy different at 3DPT?

SYDNEY: The physical therapy at 3DPT focused on exactly what I needed to strengthen not only to get healthy, but to get healthy enough to play soccer again.

3DPT: You are in your senior year - what are your plans for next year?

SYDNEY: I am going to play soccer at the University of Scranton.

3DPT: What was it like to go through the Lenape girls’ soccer program and play for renowned coach Kevin Meder?

SYDNEY: Coach Meder is one of my favorite coaches. It was a privilege to play for him because he taught me so much on and off the field. I gained my confidence during my time playing for the Lenape girls’ soccer program and I have Coach Meder to thank for that.

3DPT: It is the night before a big game - what will you eat?

SYDNEY: I always eat chicken and pasta.

3DPT: Who is going to win the Super Bowl?

SYDNEY: The Green Bay Packers

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