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Jason Willitts - 9/2014

September 2014 - Jason Willitts

3DPT presents our patient of the month for September, Jason Willitts

3 Dimensional Physical Therapy announces Jason Willitts as its patient of the month for September. Jason has demonstrated perseverance and dedication to his therapy after undergoing Tommy John surgery. Jason is well on his way to getting back on the mound next spring for the Seneca baseball team and we look forward to seeing him pitch.

3DPT: When did you realize that there was a problem with your elbow?

JASON: In August last year 2013. I was pitching in a game and felt a sharp pain in my elbow and knew something was wrong. I haven’t pitched since then.

3DPT: How did you choose the surgeon who would perform the surgical procedure?

JASON: My parents did a bunch of research and we chose the doctor that had the most experience with this type of injury and a good reputation. We had Dr. Huffman from UPENN perform the procedure.

3DPT: What was your therapy like in the early stages?

JASON: Awful. I couldn’t do much – just getting the motion back in my elbow and strengthening my shoulder, core and hips.

3DPT: How long after surgery were you able to start throwing?

JASON: I started throwing in February of this year and have been gradually increasing my reps and distance.

3DPT: What stage of rehab are you in right now?

JASON: I am throwing up to 150 feet and I will start pitching off of a mound next week. I can’t wait.

3DPT: Do you have any superstitions you follow before or during a baseball game?

JASON: I wear the same socks and the same under shirt for every game. I also have to wear my belt certain way. I know it sounds weird but that’s just how I do it.

3DPT: If you had a chance to pitch to any baseball player in history, who would you choose and why?

JASON: Miguel Cabrera – I would bring the heat to him and strike him out.

3DPT: What is your reaction going to be for your first post-surgery strike out?

JASON: I will be going nuts!

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