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Arianna Gerber - 4/2014

April 2014 - Arianna Gerber

3DPT presents our Patient of the Month for April, Arianna Gerber

3DPT would like to congratulate Arianna Gerber on being our most recent patient of the month. Arianna is a junior at Shawnee High School who is recovering from the three letters an athlete fears most: ACL. Arianna has committed herself to getting back on the soccer field and has been a great example to other patients in the clinic in demonstrating the hard work that is required to recover from this injury. Thanks Arianna (and mom, Carolyn) for being so dedicated to your recovery – we know you will be back on the field again soon!

3DPT: Tell us about how you were injured?

Arianna Gerber: I was injured going in for a 50/50 ball. When we both made contact with the ball, the other girl pushed through my leg and everything from the knee down twisted to the outside.

3DPT: How did you prepare yourself for ACL surgery?

Arianna Gerber: I honestly didn't think much about preparing for ACL surgery. I knew I was in good hands with Dr. Deluca and that the surgery would be the real beginning to my recovery. Physically I spent weeks in physical therapy before surgery strengthening all the muscles around my knee so I was as strong as possible right out of the gate.

3DPT: What has been the hardest part of your therapy since you had your surgery?

Arianna Gerber: The hardest part of therapy since my surgery is watching other girls play soccer and commit to colleges.

3DPT: Tell us where you are at with your therapy – what types of things are you able to do now?

Arianna Gerber: I'm 5 months out of surgery. I'm able to run straight ahead and do strengthening exercises such as squatting, lunging, balancing, deadlifts, skipping, and ladders. Cutting and pivoting starts after April 30th.

3DPT: What are you most looking forward to when you return to the field?

Arianna Gerber: When I return to the field, I am most looking forward to being back on the field with my teammates and working off of each other as one unit.

3DPT: Do you prefer to watch men’s soccer or women’s soccer and why?

Arianna Gerber: I prefer to watch men's soccer because it seems quicker paced than women's soccer.

3DPT: What is your ideal dinner the night before a big game?

Arianna Gerber: My favorite meal before a big game is lots of pasta with chicken.

3DPT: What has been your favorite part of coming to physical therapy?

Arianna Gerber: My favorite part of coming to 3DPT has been meeting amazing people who have become a big part of my life and who are helping me achieve my dream of playing again.

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