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Mr. Sgro - 3/2014

March 2014 - Mr. Sgro

March Patient of the Month: Mr. Sgro!

3DPT would like to congratulate our patient of the month, Mr. Sgro! Mr. Sgro has worked hard with his physical therapy as well as his home and gym exercise programs to increase his leg strength and balance.

3DPT: Mr. Sgro, what was your biggest challenge after your injury?

Mr. Sgro: After my hip surgery, my right leg was more than 2 inches shorter than my left and I was not able to walk on my leg for the first several months. The doctor thought I would have to use a walker forever and would not be able to climb stairs. That was difficult to hear.

3DPT: What is your best accomplishment after completing Physical Therapy?

Mr. Sgro: I can now walk with just a cane when outside, and don’t use anything when walking in my house. I climb the stairs as often as I want as well. My balance is much better, and I have the strength back in my leg.

3DPT: What advice would you give to anyone who is about to have hip surgery?

Mr. Sgro: It will get better. You will have to work at home and with your Physical Therapist, but if you are dedicated to your program, you will achieve your goals

3DPT: What are you most looking forward to in the spring?

Mr. Sgro: Getting back into my garden, and watching my New York Yankees

Thank you for your hard work and for making our clinic a happier place to be when you are here. We are glad that you were able to achieve your goals!

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