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Alexa Spilis - August 2015

We would like to congratulate Alexa Spilis, a Junior at Seneca High School, for being named our Patient of the Month for August. Alexa sustained a massive injury to her knee that required multiple surgeries and extensive physical therapy. Despite the ups and downs of her rehab, she always made 3D a great place with her enthusiasm and desire to get better. Can’t wait to see you on the field this year, Alexa!

3DPT: Could you tell us a little about your injury and surgeries that you had?

Alexa Spilis: On New Year’s Eve 2013, almost two years ago, I took the leap of faith from a tree stand onto a pole vaulting mat. The dumbest decision I ever made resulted in the short list of injuries including a broken tibia, torn LCL, torn PCL, torn meniscus, a torn capsule, and nerve damage resulting in drop foot. All of this led to me being in the hospital for five days. When I first met with the specialist, and I asked him if he thought I would be able to play lacrosse again, he said the worst thing I could have imagined… ”Play lacrosse? Right now, I’m worried if you’ll walk right again.”

My first surgery repaired my nerve damage, the torn capsule, and LCL. They did not repair everything in that surgery because there was too much to fix, and they were hoping I could get away with not repairing everything. Thankfully my dropped foot came back. I went through intense therapy at 3D, basically my second home, for seven months, and I was just being able to start training for lacrosse again, when I developed a stress fracture. So, it was decided that the injuries they didn’t fix in the first surgery needed to be fixed to make my knee more stable.

In November of 2014, I went back in for surgery to repair the PCL and the meniscus… back to three days a week at 3DPT again! Now, today, after 20 months of rehabbing at my second home, I am again starting to play the game I have been craving more than anything for almost two years! Thanks to my 3D family, especially Ken who was the mastermind of my rehab and return to playing the sport I love! :)

3DPT: What was the hardest part about your physical Therapy?

Alexa Spilis: The hardest part was most definitely just getting my knee to bend and getting the range of motion I needed… that was really painful! I’ll never forget wearing the Dyna Splint at night while I TRIED to sleep that kept tension while bending my knee. I had to sleep with a cutting board between my legs!!

3DPT: If you could describe your time at 3D in one word what would it be?

Alexa Spilis: Journey

3DPT: What are your plans for after high school?

Alexa Spilis: My dream is to be accepted to a good lacrosse school where I can play all four years and really live out my college lacrosse career to the fullest and then hopefully become a teacher and a lacrosse coach.

3DPT: How awesome are Ken’s lacrosse skills?

Alexa Spilis: If I didn’t personally know Ken and only saw his lacrosse skills, I would say he is fresh out of a D1 lax school ☺

3DPT: With school starting soon, what last few summer activities do you want to do?

Alexa Spilis: I plan to spend my last days of freedom at the beach and laxin!

3DPT: Do you have big plans for this New Year’s Eve now that you are healthy again?

Alexa Spilis: My big New Year’s kiss this year is going to be with my knee…

Alexa Spilis
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