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Al Duhnoski - October 2015


We would like to congratulate Al Duhnoski on being named 3D patient of the month for October. Al sustained an injury to his head resulting in a subdural hematoma after experiencing a fall earlier this year. Al has always kept a positive attitude throughout treatment and would often respond with " I'm doing just peachy," when asked how he was feeling. Al has worked extremely hard in PT and is now walking without the use of a cane. Congratulations Al - everyone at 3D appreciates your hard work and the joy you brought to the clinic each time you came in.

Al Duhnoski 3D: Tell us about the severity of your injury and how it occurred.

AL: I fell and hit my head and while on blood thinners and 3 months later had a subdural hematoma with a seizure. After 8 days in the ICU and 8 more days at in-house rehab I came home on a walker with difficulty with walking and balance.

3D: What did you have the greatest difficulty with after experiencing your fall?

AL: I did a lot of home therapy but I still needed to use a cane because my gait and balance wasn't good.

3D: What was your goal for physical therapy and did you achieve it?

AL: My main goal was to walk without a cane and to improve my balance. After a lot of practice and hard work I was able to achieve my goal and I am currently able to walk without the use of a cane. I also have more confidence in my balance and my ability to regain my balance if I get knocked around.

3D: What did you enjoy most about your experience in physical therapy?

AL: I felt better physically after each PT session with Joey. I was more confident in my ability to move around and I accomplished all of my goals. The interaction with the 3-D staff was great too.

3D: What did you do for a living?

AL: I am retired from US Steel in PA.

3D: Who is your biggest inspiration either now or growing up?

AL: My dad has always been my biggest inspiration and remains to this day.

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