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Shawnee Girls Cross Country Team - November 2015


We had a lot of fun treating the majority of the Shawnee girls cross country team this past fall here at 3 Dimensional Physical Therapy. Even their coach, Ms. Palumbo, is part of the patient of the month club as she is a frequent flyer here at 3DPT. The girls had a great season as the team qualified for the state Group 4 meet at Holmdel. As a result of their dedication to the physical therapy, most of the girls were able to stay healthy enough to continue running through their aches and pains and dropped some serious time in their 5K as the year progressed. It was great to have the team here in the clinic – congratulations on being named patient of the month!

We asked everyone a bunch of questions – below are some of the best answers we received:

Shawnee Girls Cross Country Team 3DPT: Who would win in a race if Ms. Palumbo ran against the team in a 5K?

Ms. Palumbo: “This would be my race strategy: I would take it easy for the first mile and hang with the pack. I usually get stronger as the race goes on so I would gradually pick it up and try to take the lead in the last mile. The girls are all great finishers so I wouldn’t look back and hope that they couldn’t catch me at the end. “

The Team:
  • “Ms. Palumbo would probably make a spreadsheet to help her calculate how many of us she could beat – she is extremely competitive.”
  • “If she ran her hardest, she would beat all of us.”
  • “Ms. Palumbo is a great athlete and she is very competitive. Right now she could probably beat 98% percent of the team if she really put her mind to it.” (Note –This is from Kara Bonner, the team’s #1 runner. Translation: “Ms. Palumbo could beat everyone except me”)
  • “Ms. P would beat everyone! She's the type of person that once faced with a challenge nothing can stand in her way. Although, it would be a tough battle for first between first runner Kara Bonner and Coach P.”
3DPT: Does dealing with injuries yourself help you manage your runners who also have aches and pains?

Ms. Palumbo: “Definitely! I have learned a ton about what causes runners to get injured (thanks to 3DPT) and this has helped me with my coaching. I do a lot more hip and core strengthening with the girls than I did when I started coaching 10 years ago. I'm thankful for learning so much from 3DPT - it has helped me become a better coach in trying to keep my athletes healthy. Running is a tough sport and you're bound to have aches and pains, but it's important to keep these aches under control and work on the underlying issues that may be causing these discomforts.”

3DPT: What do you think about during a really difficult workout to keep yourself going?

The Team:
  • “During a difficult workout, I always focus on my goals to keep me going. I think about past races that didn't go as planned, and I use them as motivation to push harder in practice so I can be successful come race day.”
  • “I like to think in fractions during my workouts. Like "I'm almost 2/3 done so I've only got half of what I've already ran left. I hope that makes sense.”
  • “I have favorite quotes that I think of to keep me going, and I focus on the fact that this hard workout will make me a better runner. I know if I push myself now, I'll be happy with the results later.”
  • “How badly I want it, and this is where it counts. No matter how bad it might hurt, it's all worth it, especially when we win things and can see our improvement.”
3DPT: What is your go to meal the night before a race?

The Team:
  • “Pasta – definitely pasta. We have pasta parties the night before all of our races – it has become a great way to bond with the team and get ready for the race the next day. “
  • “Pasta before the race. After the race, I eat anything I can get my hands on.”
3DPT: What has been your favorite part of coming to physical therapy during the cross country season?

The Team:
  • “Getting to talk with all the wonderful therapists and seeing almost half of the team inside every time I go, all while relieving my pain and strengthening my weak areas to become a better and stronger runner.”
  • “My favorite part is probably noticing my injury getting better. Every time I've been there for an injury, I can see a huge improvement very quickly. I hate getting injured because it affects my running, but when going to PT, I can still run and get better at the same time.”
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