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Monica Czyzyk - January 2016

3DPT Names Monica Czyzyk Patient of the Month for January 2016

Congratulations to Monica Czyzyk for being named our patient of the month for January 2016. Monica has been one of our most dedicated and focused patients with regards to her exercise program. From day one Monica was eager to get started and learn about her injury and the necessary steps to improve her condition. Monica brought a great attitude to each and every visit and was able to achieve an excellent outcome. She has now been discharged from therapy and is doing all the adventurous activities that she loves to do. Congratulations Monica, it has been a real pleasure to get to know and work with you. Good luck with everything!!

3DPT: Tell us about the injury that brought you to 3 Dimensional Physical Therapy.

I was diagnosed with Chondromalacia, my kneecaps are not aligned properly and over time they have worn down the cartilage in my knees. My doctor directed me to 3DPT to try and change the alignment of my kneecap and slow down any additional damage to the cartilage.

3DPT: What was your goal for physical therapy and how did you and your physical therapist work to achieve it?

My goal was, and still is, to put off knee replacement surgery for as long as possible. In addition, I want to make sure I can maintain my active lifestyle and keep up with my 4 year old son. Through physical therapy, I learned where my muscles were weak and where I needed to stretch to stop my kneecaps from being pulled incorrectly. My physical therapist pushed me hard to gain strength, balance, and flexibility from my core to my feet. I now feel stronger and am more educated on preventing further damage to my knees.

3DPT: What is something that stood out about your experience at 3D?

Besides the amazing staff that I loved talking with each visit, I also found 3D to be much more oriented toward educating me and working to make sure I could do the things I wanted to do. I told my physical therapist that I wanted to make sure I could hike in Tahoe and we went through “training” for my knees to prepare me for the steeper hikes. We discussed what to do when my knees started to hurt and how to take care of my knees before and after longer hikes. Hiking was important to me and my therapist made sure I was able to take on the challenge with a greater understanding of my injury.

3DPT: What do you like to do in your spare time?

I really enjoy being outside: hiking, biking, swimming, skating, skiing, and just walking around new places. My husband is very active and we want our son to take on physical challenges and love being outside as much as we do.

3DPT: Where is your favorite place you have traveled to or visited?

This is tough because I just love seeing new places and I still have a lot of places I want to visit. My two favorite places so far are Italy and Vancouver, Canada.

3DPT: The 3D staff enjoyed all of the candy that you brought in, but which candy is your favorite?

I pretty much just like all chocolate but my long-time favorite is Hershey’s Special Dark. I used to get one giant bar each Christmas from my parents and it was the best present!

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