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Sierra Flores - April 2016

3 Dimensional Physical Therapy would like to congratulate Sierra Flores for being our April Patient of the Month! Sierra endured multiple surgeries due to other injuries during her time in PT, as well as a long commute to come in for her visits. She was always enthusiastic and made the clinic a better place during each session. Good luck this softball season!

3DPT: You started at 3D with a shoulder injury. What other injuries or surgeries did you need during your rehab?

Sierra Flores: I had double core hernia repair and after two years of recovering from ACL surgery they had to go back into my knee and clean out scar tissue. All of my injuries also caused me to have a lot of back pain. My shoulder pain was from not throwing correctly due to my ACL surgery.

3D: What was the most difficult part of your PT?

SF: I would have to say the most difficult part of my physical therapy was having to teach my body how to do things correctly after doing them wrong for so many years. It was challenging to use my legs and core the right way when I was able to return to hitting and throwing.

3D: Was there a point that you did not think you would make it back to softball?

SF: Of course! There was doubt about me getting back to softball because of my multiple injuries and surgeries within two years. Before I had the scar tissue removed in my knee, I woke up everyday in pain. I wondered if I would ever be as good as I was. Since the scar tissue was removed and my PT is finished, I feel the best that I have felt in two or three years!

3D: What was your favorite part of PT?

SF: My favorite part of PT was getting to try out different exercises and how everyone there felt like family. Once I left, I felt like I was leaving my second home behind. I miss you guys!

3D: Where is your favorite place to visit?

SF: My favorite place to travel to is Florida. It's always great softball weather there!

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