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Mike Vasturia - July 2016


3 Dimensional Physical Therapy would like to congratulate Mike Vasturia on being named Patient of the Month! Mike was an all-star pitcher at St. Augustine’s Prep and will be attending University of Maryland in the fall. Mike has been putting 100% into his PT and training sessions and we are proud of his hard work and determination!

3DPT: What went through your mind when your shoulder injury was diagnosed?

MV: I was disappointed but also glad at the same time that Dr. Ciccotti found out what was causing pain in my shoulder.

3DPT: What was the most difficult part of your rehabilitation after the surgery?

MV: The most difficult part of rehabilitation after surgery is not being able to throw. It's frustrating not being able to do the one thing you do in your sport but it's best off I wait and be cautious.

3DPT: You have been training at Impact in West Berlin at the same time as your Physical Therapy. What benefits have you noticed with performance training in conjunction with PT?

MV: I like training at Impact while I work at PT because Impact allows me to stay in the best shape possible for baseball while I get healthy in PT. When I am cleared for play, I will be in the best shape I can be.

3DPT: How pumped will you be when you are cleared to throw a pitch again?

MV: I can't wait to pitch again. I know I'm a while away from the mound but that moment cannot come soon enough.

3DPT: How many hours can you watch a show marathon on Netflix before it is "too much"?

MV: I would say between 5 and 6. If you are exceeding those hours watching Netflix, I think there may be an issue.

3DPT: What's your go to pre-game meal before one of your starts?

MV: My pre-game meal is two peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.

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