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Sydney Woolston - September 2016


3DPT: Describe what happened when you got injured, and what lead you to surgery.

SW: When I pushed off to run, my leg slipped out from underneath me, and I heard all kinds of pops. What led to surgery was my doctor said that rehab would help, but there was a 50/50 chance that my knee cap would pop out again. I wasn’t sold on the surgery at first, but they said I wouldn’t make it through my field hockey season without it popping out again so I decided the surgery was probably the best option for me.

3DPT: What would you say was the most difficult part about your recovery?

SW: I would say the most difficult part about my recovery was the physical part of it. I had to keep waiting to see if I could do new stuff. I always want to just go, go, go, and once I master one thing I just want to move on to the next. That was definitely the most difficult, having to wait to see if I could run, jump, etc.

3DPT: Did you have a favorite part of your recovery/physical therapy experience?

SW: My favorite part of rehab was probably when I was cleared to run again. I love running so much, and when I couldn’t run it was eating me up inside. I just wanted to be able to run and do stuff like that again. Also, coming to therapy because 3DPT is just such a fun environment to be in, it makes doing rehab there so much better.

3DPT: What were some of the benefits of working together with 3DPT and IMPACT Training and Fitness?

SW: The benefits I have noticed are while I was in PT working my quad and getting that back to its normal strength, I was working out with Keith at Impact for my upper body. Once I was cleared to do lower body stuff at Impact, Keith and Ryan really helped me to get my strength back. Also, Keith and Ryan would always talk about what I could and could not do, and working together to make sure I was doing everything I could to get back as soon as possible.

3DPT: Describe how you felt when you found out you were cleared to play again.

SW: The feeling I had when I found out I was cleared was just a sense of joy and happiness. I had been working so hard, and to find out that all my hard work had paid off was just such a great feeling for me. I have no words for how excited I was to get cleared. It was like a dream come true for me to hear those words from Dr. Tucker.

3DPT: What advice would you give to anyone faced with an injury, or working their way through physical therapy?

SW: A piece of advice I would give is to always stay positive and work hard. Don’t think about all the things you can’t do, but think about all the things you can do. Staying positive is probably one of the biggest things, because a good attitude can get you very far. Take the negative thing that happened to you and turn it into a positive. Each week set a goal for where you want to be with your recovery, and work hard to reach your goals. Before you know it you will be back and ready to go.

3DPT: Do you have a pre-game meal or routine that you follow?

SW: My pre-game meal/routine is eating whatever my mom gives me, and just preparing for what the next day has in store for me.

3DPT: What is your favorite Pokemon that you’ve captured so far in Pokemon GO?

SW: My favorite pokemon I have caught in Pokemon Go has to be the Cubone. I just think he is so cute!

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