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Meet Our Staff

Physical Therapists - Medford
    Jeff Sallade PT, DPT, OCS, SCS, CSCS
    Ken Guzzardo PT, DPT, OCS, SCS
Cert LSVT-BIG, Co-Owner
    Joe Strazzullo PT, DPT, Clinic Director, Medford     Leah Guzzardo PT, DPT, PCS        Pediatric Specialist
    Sarah Glynn PT, DPT     Josh Sabol PT, DPT, SCS
    Anthony Blubello PT, DPT, CSCS    Elizabeth Young Elizabeth Young, PT, DPT
    Shane Kersten SPT
Physical Therapists - West Berlin
    Ryan McDevitt PT, DPT, Cert LSVT-BIG, Co-Owner, West Berlin     Sean King PT,
    Rachel Parker, PT, DPT
Physical Therapists - Haddonfield
    Chuck Bachi PT, DPT, OCS, SCS, Co-Owner, Haddonfield     Jessica Jennings PT, DPT, OCS
Front Desk/Aides
    Janine Fitzpatrick, Lead Front Desk, Medford    Maggie Ford Maggie Ford, Front Desk, Medford
   Erin Ford Erin Ford, Front Desk, Medford    Erica Day Erica Day, PT Aide, Medford
   Jonathan King Jonathan King, PT Aide, Medford    Lisa Green Lisa Green, West Berlin Office Manager
   Julia Swayne Julia Swayne, Front Desk, West Berlin     Nick DiBruno Nick DiBruno, PT Aide, West Berlin
   Chrissy Aman Chrissy Aman, Front Desk, Haddonfield    Natalie Dick Natalie Dick, Front Desk, Haddonfield
   Jenny Wood Jenny Wood, Front Desk, Haddonfield     Zach Bille, PT Aide, Haddonfield
Billing and Insurance
    Megan Webb, Billing Manager     Tami Rock, Billing Specialist

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meet our staff

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"The team at 3DPT is made up of dedicated and caring Physical Therapists whose expertise and hands-on approach are what I seek for my patients. It is their fundamental philosophy that has made my professional experiences with them nothing short of exemplary."

     -      Dr. Kathryn Gollotto, DO - Orthopedic Reconstruction Specialists