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3DPT owners Jeff Sallade and Ken Guzzardo recently celebrated the expansion of their physical therapy clinic during a ribbon cutting ceremony with Medford mayor Chris Buoni and councilman Randy Pace

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The story of 3 Dimensional Physical Therapy began just over 3 years ago - physical therapists Ken Guzzardo and Jeff Sallade met when they worked together at a previous employer. They both had ideas of one day opening their own physical therapy practice, but were content with their current situations. Ken was a director in a successful physical therapy practice and Jeff was working family friendly hours doing home care physical therapy as he and his wife had recently welcomed their first child. The idea of opening their own physical therapy practice together started out as a casual conversation between Ken and Jeff, but quickly turned into reality as they were both convinced they could make it work and within a few months 3DPT was formed.

3DPT started out treating patients in the Pinelands Sports Complex in Southampton. Ken and Jeff were helped out by one of the owners, Eddie Fisher, as he allowed Ken and Jeff to use a small office that was not in use. Life was crazy at this time as Ken and Jeff were working homecare jobs, treating patients for the new business, doing the countless administrative tasks that are required when starting a business, and raising young families. Life was hectic in the early stages of the new practice – Ken’s favorite phrase was “One day this will all be part of a good story.”

The next phase was to find permanent space for 3DPT. Jeff grew up in Medford and went to Shawnee High School, so he had ties to the community. Ken at the time lived in Cinnaminson but knew that he wanted to relocate to the Medford area to raise his family. Ken and Jeff figured that Medford was the best place to open the practice as they both believe there are advantages to living in the area where the practice is located. They found an office in the ACME shopping center on Route 70 and soon moved in and operated 3DPT in their own space. Within a year, 3DPT was outgrowing its office space and needed to expand. Luckily, the office next door was vacant, so in November 2013 they knocked down the walls and increased the size of their office.

Ken and Jeff attribute the early success of their business to two simple principles. The first principle is to provide good treatment. Ken and Jeff are the only 2 therapists in south Jersey that are board certified specialists in both orthopedics and sports. 3DPT has since hired two additional physical therapists, and Ken and Jeff are committed to mentoring these therapists to ensure that all patients receive excellent care. 3DPT’s schedule is set up so the therapists are able to spend time with their patients – a recent poll by the American Physical Therapy Association revealed that this is what patients value most from their physical therapy experience.

The second principle 3DPT has followed is their commitment to providing excellent customer service. The health care industry has a reputation for under-delivering as it pertains to customer service and 3DPT is determined to prove that health care and a positive overall experience can go together. Examples of this include scheduling new patient visits within 24 hours, talking to a live person when you call, and valet parking for its patients that have difficulty making it from the parking lot to the front door. 3DPT’s goal is to have every patient that comes through its doors recommend their services to someone else.

Ken and Jeff know that 3DPT is still in its beginning stages and they have a long way to go towards achieving long-term success. 3DPT is headed in the right direction and Ken and Jeff are grateful for their supportive families, the dedicated team they have assembled, as well as the support they have received from Medford and the surrounding communities. The entire staff at 3DPT works hard every day to ensure that each patient that walks through the doors is one day closer to complete recovery, and enjoying their experience along the way. They are both proud of the success that 3DPT has achieved over the past 3 years and look forward to serving the Medford area for years to come.

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"The team at 3DPT is made up of dedicated and caring Physical Therapists whose expertise and hands-on approach are what I seek for my patients. It is their fundamental philosophy that has made my professional experiences with them nothing short of exemplary."

     -      Dr. Kathryn Gollotto, DO - Orthopedic Reconstruction Specialists