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Direct Access and Physical Therapy

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Research has proven that the sooner an injury is treated, the faster the recovery process. All too often I see patients in the clinic who have been suffering with an injury for too long due to the sometimes lengthy process of negotiating the health care system. By the time that patient gets to my office for treatment, they have lost valuable time that they could have been receiving proper treatment and are now considered "behind" in the rehabilitation process. 

What is Direct Access?

Direct access in physical therapy means that a patient does not require a physician prescription in order to be treated by a physical therapist. New Jersey has had direct access for physical therapy since 2003, but it is still a little known fact that patients are able to come directly to the physical therapist to treat musculoskeletal injuries.

Accessibility to and timely treatment by a licensed physical therapist via direct access promotes optimal outcomes and recovery. By utilizing direct access, an individual can relieve pain, improve mobility, and restore quality of life without delay. In addition to helping people save time and money, direct access also results in savings in the overall health care system by reducing total health care visits.

How Do I Know My PT is Qualified to Treat My Condition?

Physical therapists are licensed health care professionals who are educated at accredited physical therapy programs at approved universities. They are qualified to examine, evaluate, diagnose, treat and rehabilitate patients with functional limitations, impairments or disabilities. Physical therapists receive extensive education, clinical training and continuing education. The therapists are 3 Dimensional Physical Therapy have obtained certification as specialists in the areas of orthopedics and sports, further qualifying to treat patients via direct access.

The way direct access works is a patient contacts the physical therapist directly and is seen for an evaluation of their condition. If the physical therapist feels the patient has an impairment that is treatable with physical therapy, then treatment will proceed. If there are findings in our evaluation that indicate an appointment with a physician is necessary before proceeding with therapy, we will help that patient get an appointment with the appropriate physician. If the physician clears the patient, we will then resume therapy. Either way, the patient is receiving the necessary care that will allow them to achieve an optimal outcome as completely and as quickly as possible.

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