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Vestibular Rehabilitation

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The vestibular system is made up of 3 canals of fluid located within the ears. When you move, the fluid in these canals moves, as well, and sensors along the canal can determine movement speed and direction. Any problems with the canals or sensors can create balance problems, dizziness, and/or vertigo.

Our bodies rely on three main systems for balance – sensors in our muscles and joints, our vision, and the vestibular system. As we age or in the event of injury or illness, these systems work less efficiently. Physical Therapists can isolate and train the vestibular system to ensure that it is functioning at a high level. This treatment can be one component of a balance rehabilitation program.

Vertigo, a feeling of spinning or dizziness, can be caused when the sensors in the inner ear fluid become dislodged. This problem gives a feeling of the room spinning after turning your head or changing position. By determining which of the three canals is affected, a trained Physical Therapist can take an individual through a series of movements to circulate the fluid and help move the dislodged sensors to eliminate the feeling of dizziness. If performed correctly, this treatment only takes a few visits to make a significant improvement.
Lastly, the vestibular system also plays a role in post-concussion symptoms. After suffering a concussion, people experience dizziness, difficulty with concentration, balance problems, and vertigo, among other symptoms. Proper post-concussion rehabilitation must assess and treat any vestibular symptoms to safely and successfully help the injured person return to normal life.
3 Dimensional Physical Therapy features one of Medford's only Physical Therapists trained in vestibular rehabilitation in addition to South Jersey's ONLY board certified sports and orthopedic PTs. Contact us today for an assessment if you are experiencing any symptoms that could be coming from your vestibular system.

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