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Golf Warm-Up: How to Get Loose Early

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The game of golf is not only mentally challenging but can also be physically taxing as well. While common activities such as driving, walking, and computer work all occur directly in front of us, golf requires our bodies to rotate many (and depending on your handicap, very many) times. Stretching or warming up before an athletic activity can reduce the risk of injury and improve performance.

To go from the back swing to ball strike, the hips have to rotate to the ball, followed by the trunk, followed by the shoulders and arms, and finally the club. This sequence must occur at the right time to get the most force, while allowing the club head to make good contact. Below are stretches that will improve rotation and movement at each level and help to prepare you for the 1st tee shot of the day.

Pelvic mobility –

Without a club, assume a position as though you are addressing the ball. Cross your arms across your chest. Without moving your chest, pull your belly button in creating a tilt of your pelvis. Then drop your belly button down creating a tilt the other direction. Repeat 10 times.

Hip mobility –

Stand on your right leg, and balance yourself by holding the driver against the ground. Swing your left leg back and forth 10 times. Next, swing your left leg side to side. Keep your right leg and trunk still while you swing your left leg through the movements. Repeat this while standing on your left leg and swinging your right leg back and forth and side to side.

Trunk mobility –

While holding a golf club, assume an address position again. This time, pin the club against your chest. Keep your head and legs still, and twist as far as you can to the left 10 times, then to the right 10 times, then twist from the right all the way to the left 10 times.

Put it together –

Take your driver and again assume an address position. Take the club back into a backswing to the opposite direction (rotate to the left for a right handed golfer), and then swing through at 50% as though you are hitting an off-hand shot. Repeat this 5 times. Then repeat this to your normal side 5 times.

3DPT Golf Warm-UpTitleist Performance Institute has a certification program for Golf Fitness Professionals that can train individuals in a movement screen to look for any areas that need additional exercise or stretching to improve rotation or strength. Results of the movement screen can be combined with video analysis of your swing to see the relationship between your technique and body's mobility. These tight or weak areas can not only cause pain during or after playing, but they can also lead to poor ball strike and more double-bogeys than you would like. The Physical Therapists at 3DPT are Certified Golf Fitness Professionals. Call us today to make an appointment for a TPI screen and to discuss what we can do to help lower your score and reduce your pain with golfing.



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