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Ken, Disney and 3DPT

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Ken, Disney and 3DPT

Going back last year as a parent of two girls was a lot different than any previous trips. I don’t remember ever waiting in a line to see Cinderella or Belle or Rapunzel before, and I don’t recall riding the Dumbo ride so many times. Most of all, I don’t remember being that happy to see someone’s reaction when meeting Mickey and Minnie for the first time. The view of the castle the first time when you walk up Main St., the sounds of the music pumping through the speakers, and the smell of cookies were all still the same as they were on my first visit, but now I had little hands in mine walking up to watch the fireworks.

We were able to go back to Disney World last year for my Grammy’s surprise 90th birthday celebration. There were more kids and spouses on this trip, but otherwise, it was the same group who was present on my first trip so many years before. Disney was still able to provide the same experience and I think Grammy had happy tears in her eyes for the entire 5 days that we were there. What other place can you see someone who is 90 dancing and laughing at the same show as someone who is 3?

Ken, Disney and 3DPT To me and my family, Disney means togetherness, fun, and an amazing experience. Disney is all about the little details. Everyone has a smile on their face, and, most importantly, you know exactly what to expect – an unforgettable time. On a slightly different scale, I wanted to model a lot of 3 Dimensional Physical Therapy after the overall Disney experience. We are client -centered, and strive to go above and beyond to show people what their physical therapy experience is supposed to be. Our staff works together as a team, and has fun in the process. Much like regular Disney vacationers, we want the people we have worked with to make a return visit if they ever need Physical Therapy again, and we hope they tell their friends and family about the great care they received.

I am looking forward to returning to Disney in March with my wife, daughters, parents, and in-laws, and I am excited for my children to develop the same great memories of Disney that I have.

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