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Dr. Lee Cohen - 02/2014

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3DPT interviews Dr. Lee Cohen about Orthotics

Dr Lee

Dr. Lee Cohen

Ridley Park, Pa.
Sports Medicine Podiatrist
642 E. Chester Pike
Ridley Park, PA 19078

Cherry Hill, Nj.
Sports Medicine Podiatrist
2005 Marlton Pike East
Cherry Hill, NJ 08003

3DPT: How long have you been practicing as a podiatrist? Has it always been in the Philadelphia/south Jersey area?

Dr. Cohen: Unbelievably, I have been in practice in the Philadelphia/South Jersey area for 38 years and more unreal is I have been involved in professional sports since that time. I have been with the Philadelphia Flyers in the 70's and 80's, the Philadelphia Stars in the old USFL, the Philadelphia Phillies in the 90's and the Philadelphia Eagles from 1988 to the present.

3DPT: What sparked your interest in treating primarily sports injuries?

Dr. Cohen: My surgical residency was at the University of Pittsburgh and our orthopedic service took care of the Pitt Panthers and the Pittsburgh Steelers - what a treat to be involved with a great organization. I said to myself this is cool stuff and proceeded to concentrate on the biomechanics of lower extremity sports injuries.

3DPT: Do you have an office or do you travel around to different locations to provide services?

Dr. Cohen: I have 2 locations - one in Ridley Park, PA and 1 in Cherry Hill, NJ at Velocity Sports Performance center where I have a turf field, track and treadmill to test my athletes. I also travel to about 14 area colleges.

3DPT: Are there any specialties that you are involved in?

Dr. Cohen: I have limited my practice to screening, evaluation, and treatment of lower extremity injuries which occur in sports.

3DPT: Do you focus more on treatment of injuries or performance enhancement, or both?

Dr. Cohen: I specialize in realigning posture through the use of what I refer to as my performance enhancement insoles. I also use physical therapy referrals to help strengthen core of my athletes and provide them with a functional screening assessment. I use movement specialists to correct abnormalities in the athletes running and movement patterns. I truly believe that by correcting athlete's biomechanical deformities, we can enhance performance.

3DPT: Tell us briefly about a type of patient that you feel would benefit from an orthotic.

Dr. Cohen: First, let me say most orthotics that are prescribed are incorrect due to doctor error, lab error, and poor choices of biomedical materials that they are constructed from. This explains why studies have shown orthotics are no more effective than out of the box generics. Everyone and anyone is making orthotics without the true knowledge of how to do it. In most cases it is just a money maker and the product is not helpful.

The athlete that would benefit most is that athlete that has a chronic breakdown every season and always seems to end up in their schools training room.

3DPT: Do you have an opinion on the recent increase in popularity towards "minimalist" footwear amongst runners?

Dr. Cohen: Minimalist running has hit the wall - most stores have dropped the Vibram 5 fingers shoes at this time. It is technique that determines the success a person will have with barefoot running. The runner needs a good coach if they are going to attain benefits from barefoot running.

3DPT: If you could eliminate one injury/condition that you had to treat because of difficulty achieving a good outcome, what would it be and why?

Dr. Cohen: I can say if you have a multidisciplinary approach to injuries and a cooperative athlete and coach nothing is impossible.

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