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"Being a professional athlete..."

"Being a professional athlete, I work with athletic trainers and physical therapists on a regular basis. With that said, Ken, Jeff, and the rest of the 3D staff are some of the most knowledgeable therapists that I have ever met. I came to Ken with a different source of pain every month and he had me feeling pain free in no time. The 3D staff provides a very welcoming environment. They really take their time to get to know you and develop a program based on what you feel comfortable doing. 3D plays a big part in preparing me for spring training every year. Thanks to 3D, my body feels stronger and healthier than it ever has.

I’m very thankful for everything that 3D has done for me and I enjoy every minute that I spend there. "

Joe Gunkel

"I had a phenomenal experience..."

"I can't thank you enough for all of the hard work you put into my recovery! I had a phenomenal experience at 3DPT and will miss you guys but hopefully I won't have to come back unless I'm just saying hello! Thank you so much for all that you've done for me!"

Sarah T.

"A special thank you to everyone at 3D"

"A special thank you to everyone at 3D therapy for helping me get back on my feet after my hip surgery. A special thank you to Ken for spending six weeks with me. With his help I'm on my way back to doing everything I want to do. I would recommend 3D therapy to all my friends and family."

Ron S.

"sincerely cared about your patients..."

"Ken -

You and your staff are really amazing. Unlike places I've been before, I really felt like you all sincerely cared about your patients' progression to recovery on a personal level. I really, really appreciate all you did to help me. :)

I will definitely let you know if I need anything else!"

Denise R.

A friend referred 3D to us, boy am I glad.

"Last year my son Chris suffered a Lumbar sprain in the lower back in the first meet of the year. This year was very important in the recruiting process so we were unsure of where we should go for help. A friend of mine referred 3D's to us and boy am I glad. Chris went two days a week and did all the necessary exercises at home that helped the recovery process. In one month Chris open up his first meet in Championship form winning every major Championship meet including the NJ Meet of Champions in the Javelin. He continued going to 3D's throughout the season and completing the season by placing 3rd at the USA World Trials in St. Louis. This would not be possible if it wasn't for Jeff , Ken and the professional staff at 3D's!

Jeff was unbelievable giving Chris hope and exercises that would get him ready for the Championship season. Because of their help and guidance Chris received scholarships from major Universities and finally excepted the offer from Rutgers University.

I would recommend 3D's to anyone that wants their child to get the best PT in the state. Thank You Jeff & Ken for all your support and professional help!"

- Mr.Mirabelli

"I would refer all my friends & family..."

"Prior to the week of Oct. 7th, after 3 months of marathon training, I injured my left calf ...previously noticed my left ankle being swollen as well. I came into 3DPT to visit w/Jeff on Monday for his thoughts & he gave me some stretching & exercises to help w/the muscle pain I was experiencing.


After missing my final 10 mile run in preparation for the A.C. Marathon Oct. 13th, I was not feeling hopeful about running my 1st marathon. Jeff was extremely positive and told me I would be OK to run ... In addition, I came in to see Ken later in the week & he used his kinesiology tape to tape me for "shin splints" ...Ken was extremely professional & showed me how to tape in case I would need to again, prior to A.C., he followed up w/e-mails checking on the status of the tape, how it was doing, etc.


I can't thank 3DPT (Jeff & Ken) enough for helping me run the 2013 A.C. Marathon! My first marathon was a success, 44th place overall, 3:26:04 & no pain for 26.2! I would refer all of my friends & family to 3DPT, they helped me achieve a most memorable experience ... Thanks guys!"


Andy L.

"The entire staff is wonderful"

We used 3DPT after my 13yrs old daughter Devon received a concussion on the soccer field. I was referred to the practice by her Sports Medicine Dr. Franks from Rothman Institute. Devon isyour typical shy teenager who doesn't talk much, but Ken was able to put her at ease and myself as well! Ken did a wonderful job over the 3 months of therapy, he worked as a liaison between Devon and her Dr informing them of her progress along the way, and calling them when ever there was a question. Devon has returned to soccer and in the last tournament she had a goal with her left foot! I think it must have been all of those balancing exercises because she is now stronger than before!


I would highly recommend Ken for therapy. The entire staff is wonderful at putting everyone at ease during a stressful time in there lives. I would like to say thanks again!


Emily T.

"You made a difference in her life..."

JuliaJulia is finally moving forward! This weekend she played in a soccer tournament with no pain at all! She has been training SO hard with a "work out" trainer and a soccer trainer. She is coming back both physically and mentally from this last year and we are so grateful. You were such an important part of her recovery that I had to reach out to say thank you! Thank you for all that you did to support Julia and us during one of the much challenging times for our family. Continue to treat the whole patient...both their physical needs and their mental/emotional needs as well. You made a difference in her life...a true impact. We will never be able to thank you properly but continue to tell friends and family about you and 3DPT. I hope you and your beautiful family are enjoying a wonderful summer and that perhaps you have found your dream home. May God Bless You!


Debbie M

"I can highly recommend the care..."

I can highly recommend the care at 3DPT after receiving 2 1/2 months of therapy for a sports-related fracture. Therapists Ken and Jeff really listen to you. They set goals with each patient and monitor progress closely, changing exercise protocols to adjust to the person's needs. In fact, the entire staff is congenial, sometimes fun, and always professional.


Thanks to the excellent, all-round care I received at 3DPT I'm now back at the gym and growing stronger.

Mary H.

Medford, NJ

" ... able to run pain free again."

I also wanted to thank you for everything you did, my shins have not been bothering me really at all since May, even with the recent hill workouts! I'm so excited to be able to run pain free again :)


Jen S.

"...I appreciated the professional care..."

I just wanted to express my appreciation for your help in my recovery from hip replacement surgery, and associated knee issues. I was especially pleased that you took the time to explain in detail the reasons and expected results from my exercise program. It was very enlightening. Thanks also for staying so closely involved with my recovery during each of my visits, I appreciated the professional care. I am working at home on the program you designed for me, and couldn't be more satisfied with my continued improvement.


Thanks again for all your help,


Dave K.

"...back to work and doing well."

I am glad I went to you for my shoulder. Am happy to say back to work and doing well.


Marie C.

Thank you...for helping our mommy!

Thank You 3DPT!

"...I would recommend to anyone."

I want to thank Ken for all the help and the great physical therapy that pulled me through a really bad shoulder. I hope I don't have to come back, but it would be a place that I would recommend to anyone. If I ever need therapy again, I will be here.


Ann M

"...back on my horse!"

Back on my horse!After having foot surgery, my recovery wasn't going as quickly as I had hoped, so it was recommended that I come to 3DPT. Two months later, I am happy to say I am ready to get back to riding my horse.

Hannah H 

Thank You 3DPT!


- Hannah H.

"We are Truly Fans of 3D!"

Lisa MariaI wanted to take a minute to thank Ken and the staff at 3D Physical Therapy for the tremendous job you all have done working with my son. Luke injured his elbow at the very beginning of his spring baseball season and we were frantic. Anytime your child needs to be treated for a sports related injury it can be downright scary. We came in not knowing what to expect, nearly having to drag him in there against his will and we were ready to do that if necessary! What we found was a level of professionalism that impressed Luke's father and me, and an open and straight forward approach by you that had Luke at ease within minutes. Your ability to connect with a teenager in such a short period of time was truly a testament to you as a person first and a doctor of Physical Therapy second. It is evident to us that Luke not only respects you as his Doctor but also likes you as a friend.


Thanks for taking away our fears and helping to get him back on the ball field! We are truly fans of 3D!


Lisa and Glen B.

Blackwood NJ

Dr. Kathryn Gollotto, DO

"Jeff and Ken are caring and dedicated physical therapists whose expertise and hands-on approach are what I seek for my patients. It is their fundamental philosophy that has made my professional experiences with them nothing short of exemplary."


- Dr. Kathryn Gollotto, DO - Orthopedic Reconstruction Specialists


Orthopedic Reconstruction Specialists
600 Somerdale Road, Suite 113
Voorhees, NJ 08043

"The entire staff works together..."

Recovering from surgery after a total knee replacement is only half the battle. A great physical therapist is essential to a complete recovery. Two years after a double knee replacement I was frustrated and still in pain. I was thrilled to find the team at 3D Physical Therapy. The entire staff works together as a professional, conscientious, caring team. I actually look forward to therapy! Ken has the unique ability of making the hard work of therapy fun and productive at the same time. He listened to my issues, developed a plan and has encouraged me throughout the entire healing process. It is obvious that he cares about the individual needs of every patient, both emotional and physical. He has been watchful and encouraging every step of the way.


I have worked with several different physical therapists over the years and none match the care and dedication I experienced at 3DPT. Thank you 3Dimensional Physical Therapy for giving me my life back!


Suzanne E.

Keith Scott, MS, CSCS, ATC

Sports Medicine is a multi-layered approach and you need great people on your "team" to ensure that your athletes and clients are getting the best care. Ken and Jeff at 3DPT are my "go-to guys" when it comes to anything involving the total physical care of my athletes. Practicing as a Certified Athletic Trainer for the past 20 years, I have had the pleasure of working with many physical therapists around the country, and these guys at 3-D are simply the best around! If you are anywhere around the greater Philadelphia area and need a physical therapist, you cannot go wrong with 3DPT. The 3D team uses cutting edge research and a practical, hands on approach that ensures you will get back to your sport and daily life activities as fast and as safe as possible. In the past 5 years I have worked with a plethora of physical therapists in the Southern NJ area and no one comes close to the knowledge and care that Ken and Jeff at 3DPT have and practice. As a Sport Training gym owner, I feel lucky to have these guys on speed dial when I need anything or have any questions. I consider them a major part of my "team!" I have sent my own family members to them as well as people that live in the New York area. They are that good!

-Keith Scott, MS, CSCS, ATC

Owner of Impact Training and Fitness

West Berlin, NJ

Dr. John Law, DC

Thank you 3D PT for your exceptional care of our patients and friends. We will continue to recommend your services to anyone in need due to your results, professionalism and genuine care. Keep up the great work! Hands down the best PT's in our community.


- Dr. John Law, DC

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“This is truly an exceptional practice.”

This is truly an exceptional practice. My 13 year old son had shoulder and elbow pain from his pitching season. Ken and Jeff were so knowledgeable, personal, individualized and caring. They worked with my son to help him alleviate the pain and prevent the injury from happening again. Thanks to them, my son is able to start his next season with great confidence! Besides being experts in their field, they are both extremely caring people. My son views them as mentors as well as physical therapists.


Diana L.

"...pushes me to the next level..."

As a runner/triathlete who is no longer 20, I've had my share of injuries. Jeff has helped me through all of them with patience and skill. From common ailments such as IT band syndrome and pulled hamstrings to rehab after surgery, Jeff consistently puts together a comprehensive plan to get me back to training and competing. He communicates with my doctors as needed. I especially appreciate how he pushes me to the next level of rehab safely, and makes sure I know what I need to do at home to keep progressing. I highly recommend Jeff to any athlete who wants to get past an injury and back to competing.


Katrina L.

"...can now call myself a runner again..."

"I was training to run the Philadelphia Marathon, and 4 weeks before race day I discovered I had a metatarsal stress fracture in my left foot. I was devastated that after so many weeks of training, I wouldn't be able to run the marathon. When I was given the okay by my doctor to resume running, I thought I could do it all myself. I realized quickly that I needed help after my pain returned, and I turned to Jeff Sallade, at 3-D Physical Therapy. With his guidance, I was able to build the strength back up in my foot, and also gain the confidence I needed to ease back into running PAIN FREE. I can now call myself a "runner" again. Thanks, 3-D Physical Therapy!"


Fran K

"...I couldn't have been happier..."

Thank you so much for all the time you spent with me. I really value and trust your advice! I will definitely send any of my injured runners your way. The staff at 3-Dimensional are very welcoming and I couldn't have been happier with my experience!

Thanks again!


"You are a great team..."


You are a great team. Niki has a personal greeting for each client. She is seen helping in any way but Niki, watch out for those flying bands. Jeff and Ken are very friendly, caring, and personable guys, as well as knowing exactly what therapy you need to get back to "normal". Jeff, I especially want to thank you for your attentiveness to my issues, it seemed like a long road ahead when I started physical therapy but everything you said was true. Here I am about 99% back to normal movement. Yes, I am doing my exercise homework, although I am missing the foot massage! I still have some uncomfortable days, so I actually rest my foot a few minutes. Thank you again, I will continue to recommend the 3D group.


Jo Ann S.

"I can't speak highly enough..."


I can't speak highly enough about 3DPT. My twelve-year-old son has a knee injury for which he receives treatment from Ken, co-owner and therapist. Ken is an extremely caring and compassionate individual who takes the time to get to know my son and not just his injury. We receive individualized attention and he makes every session fun by keeping my son engaged in conversation and inevitably, there are always lots of laughs through the work.


Ken is very knowledgeable and takes the time to answer our questions and concerns and explains his process and goals every step of the way. We've had the pleasure of treating with Ken's co-owner Jeff on a few occasions, and the transition was seamless; a credit to them both. The front desk staff is very friendly, accommodating and responsive. The facility is brand new, clean, and always prepared for your arrival. I highly recommend 3DPT and feel strongly that you won't be disappointed with your experience.


Jennifer L.

"I just want to formally thank you..."


"Jeff - I just want to formally thank you for getting me to the starting line of the Philly Marathon.


I really believe that if I hadn't started seeing you for my "sore achilles", I wouldn't have been able to continue with my training. Combining the proper amount of rest, laser treatments, manipulations and stretching kept the achilles strong enough to race. You knew exactly what I needed to be able to get through the toughest part of my training; and no matter what my crazy schedule was, you always had a time slot for me.


Now that the race is behind me, I can really rest and begin strengthening my achilles and hopefully avoid future injury. Unfortunately, as an avid runner, I expect I'll have to deal with some future injury, and I'll definitely call you for help."


- Nora Z.

"...extremely knowledgeable..."


"My first ever running related injury brought me to Jeff at 3DPT.


I found him to be extremely knowledgeable, thorough, and attentive. The thing I especially appreciated about Jeff was that he took the time to explain his thoughts and findings far beyond the initial evaluation. Since I continued to run throughout my treatment, my issues sometimes changed or worsened. Every time I mentioned something, Jeff explored it, explained his findings, and the reasoning behind the treatment.


I appreciated his taking the time to educate me and work with me, respecting my decision to continue to run through treatment. I would highly recommend Jeff at 3DPT."


- Maya H.

"Ken stood out instantly..."


"Ken Guzzardo is an outstanding physical therapist.


When I tore my ACL, I explored at least half a dozen different options for rehabilitation. Ken stood out instantly with his earnest manner and client-focused questions. Ken is a knowledgeable and dedicated professional who constantly seeks to learn more about his craft. Ken is always smiling, relentlessly encouraging, and genuinely interested in the people he is helping. He tailors his style to suit each patient.


He pushes the athletes (and weekend warriors like me) and soothes those who prefer a gentle approach. I recovered faster because I enjoyed going to PT with Ken; you will too."


- Jeff S.

"...wonderful care..."


"Dear Ken and Jeff,


Thank you for all your wonderful care with PT for the last year. You both are amazing young gentlemen and I wish you both the very best in 2013.


As a patient I felt like you not only treated my back, but educated me about my entire body. I will definitely miss seeing you both every week. You are an addition to my family. I will always have a special place in my heart for you both.


Jeff, you are patient and caring and I appreciate the individual care I have received. Unlike other physical therapy places where they treat several patients at once, at 3D PT I never felt like I was part of an assembly line, but rather one-on-one with you! I always felt I had your full attention.


I have come so far with your help of exercises and hands on therapy. I will continue my exercises that you have educated me with, and continue to improve. Thank you again for being you, and getting me healthy again!


Love, Lois U."

"I got great results..."


"I got great results when I worked with Jeff Sallade at 3DPT. When I found out I had torn the labrum in my shoulder, Jeff explained my options, kept me calm, and laid out a plan. Each session offered new exercises to keep it interesting but also kept some of the same exercises from the previous session as my "go to" strengtheners.


In a matter of weeks I could feel my shoulder getting stronger and the pain subsiding. My shoulder feels great, I was able to avoid surgery, and I'm back to doing all of the things I did before my injury. He gave me home exercises to do and they are keeping the shoulder feeling great. Jeff really listened carefully to me during each session, adjusting his approach to how I was feeling and the progress I was making. I always felt like he was working on my individual case and not on just another cookie cutter shoulder injury.


Jeff and his colleague Ken Guzzardo also created a warm, friendly environment with good conversations, a great sense of humor, and a disposition that kept me motivated. Overall, my experience there was great and I would recommend 3DPT to anybody with physical therapy needs!"


- Rich L.

"...professional attention given to me..."


"I would like to express my complete satisfaction with the professional attention given to me at 3D Physical Therapy in Medford, NJ.


What impressed me initially was the time spent with me discussing my hip replacement, assessing my immediate needs and establishing my long term goals. In doing so, they designed a comprehensive therapy program tailored specifically to meet my needs. I am happy to report that my therapy program has been a success making my long term goal within reach.


Thanks Jeff and Ken!!"


- John F.

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"The team at 3DPT is made up of dedicated and caring Physical Therapists whose expertise and hands-on approach are what I seek for my patients. It is their fundamental philosophy that has made my professional experiences with them nothing short of exemplary."

     -      Dr. Kathryn Gollotto, DO - Orthopedic Reconstruction Specialists