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The 2020 NFL season is on!  3DPT will be highlighting injuries common in the world of professional football.    Each week we’ll take a look at any injuries that may have occurred in the games of the week and give you some insight on the injury – how it occurred and recovery time. Click here to read 2019 3DPT NFL Injury Review blog posts.

Week 2:  Saquon Barkley

Week 2: Saquon Barkley

At a Glance - Player: Saquon Barkley Position: Running back Team: New York Giants Injury: Torn ACL Projected Recovery Time: 6-10 months In Greater Detail - If you had to name the top 5 running backs in the NFL, Saquon Barkley is without a doubt on your list. This...

Week 1: Vonn Miller

Week 1: Vonn Miller

At a Glance - Player: Von Miller Position: Linebacker Team: Denver Broncos Injury: Subluxed Peroneal Tendon(s) Projected Recovery Time: 12-24 weeks Denver fans have high hopes for this season, and rightfully so, with the signing of Drew Lock as their QB, as well as...