AJ Funari – March 2019

AJ Funari March POM baseball3DPT: Tell us about your injury that brought you to physical therapy. 

AJ: The injury that brought me into physical therapy was a slap tear to my labrum (shoulder). The cause of the tear was over use during my junior year of high school.

3DPT: What was the hardest part of your therapy?

AJ: The hardest part of my therapy was from two weeks after the surgery until about week six when the focus of my recovery was mobility. It was a challenge to stretch my shoulder and gain motion after my arm was resting in a sling for hours.

3DPT: What are you most looking forward to when you return to the field?

AJ: When I return to the field, I will be extremely excited to be a part of the baseball hype again. I am an outfielder and I absolutely love playing the field, tracking down fly balls, and of course hitting.

3DPT: Who is your favorite sports team? Favorite player and why?

AJ: My favorite sports team is the Phillies and my favorite player is Mike Trout. He is one of the best to play the game and since I play the outfield, he’s always been my baseball role model.

3DPT: What do you like to do for fun?

AJ: In my free time outside of baseball, I enjoy working out, watching sports games, and hanging out with my friends.