Jaden Stith – February 2019

jaden stith3DPT: Tell us about your injury and how it affected you mentally.

Jaden: My injury initially happened during a football practice in the summer. It was a non-contact play and I just twisted my leg the wrong way when I caught the ball. After an MRI and a visit to the doctor he confirmed I had a torn ACL. I was devastated because at this moment I knew that there was going to be long process before I got back to playing sports again. Before I had my surgery I stayed positive and focused on what I had to do to get back to normal.

3DPT: What was the most challenging part of your rehab?

Jaden: The most challenging parts of my rehab were getting started and being where I’m at now. In the beginning of this process, I had hardly no movement with my leg. Having my leg in a brace wasn’t the most comfortable thing. I really had to push myself to continue doing my exercises everyday. Now, I feel like I am ready to get back out on the court and play a whole basketball game but that wouldn’t be a smart decision. The hardest part is having the discipline to not do more than my leg can handle at this stage of the process.

3DPT: How many sports do you play and which one is your favorite?

Jaden: I played four sports in high school. I played soccer, basketball, baseball, and football, which I tried to play my final year. My favorite out of these is baseball because I think there is nothing more satisfying than when everyone is watching you and you hit a ball clean off the bat. Also nothing is more exciting than running half way across the outfield and making a diving play, to save a run, in the gap.

3DPT: What advice would you give someone who is going through a similar injury?

Jaden: The only advice I have to someone going through this injury is to keep working hard in rehab and be patient in getting back to sports because nothing’s worth going through this injury again.

3DPT: Where will you be going to college and which sport do you plan on playing?

Jaden: I don’t know where I will be going to college but wherever I go I plan on walking on for baseball or football.

3DPT: What is your go to meal the night before a big game?

Jaden: My go to meal before a big game is either a lot of pasta or bacon pizza.

3DPT: What will be your highlight in your first season back from injury? 

Jaden: My highlight in my first season back from injury will be when I get my first base hit and I get to run around first base as the people in the bleachers all cheer for me. This will probably feel better than any other time that I have been on base.