Johanna Lackey – June 2019

Johanna Lackey3DPT:  Tell us about your injury that brought you to physical therapy and how it affected your life/lifestyle

Johanna: I am a pre-professional ballet student who has studied at the Rock School for Dance Education in Philadelphia for the past six years. I dance six days a week for abut 6-8 hours a day. After going on pointe I noticed severe pain in the back of my ankles.  I went to a big name physical therapy in Philadelphia and it was not resolved. I needed surgery on both of my feet to remove the extra bone known as an Os Trigonum,  which I had fractured by being on point. After the removal of the first bone in my left foot, I went to a different physical therapist and found it to be frustrating and not helpful. Upon recommendation, I went to Allison Korn following my second surgery and it has made a huge impact on my recovery

3DPT:  Tell us a little about your recovery process.  What was/has been the hardest part of your therapy? 

Johanna:  The best part of my recovery is working with my therapist, Allison Korn, several times a week. She not only works on improving my ankle strength but works on the rest of my body conditioning for ballet. Her whole-body approach to healing has made a tremendous difference in my recovery. I highly recommend dancers to seek out her therapeutic skills when they have an injury.

I find it so helpful that she has an extensive knowledge of and background in ballet. This has helped me to apply the correct physio-dynamics to the movement to make sure that my recovery is complete. The hardest part has been stretching the tendons in my foot and legs that had shortened during my recovery time in a cast and boot. I find that Allison is a great encouragement to me to continue doing the exercises that will lead to a strong, healthy return to ballet.

3DPT:  What goals do you have after leaving physical therapy and in the next 5 years in terms of dancing?

Johanna:  My goal in the next five years is to come fully back to dancing ballet en pointe. I hope to restore my strength and improve my ballet technique so that I can perform in the Rock School’s “Nutcracker 1776” this coming fall. I also hope to compete in the Youth America Grand Prix competition that will take place next Spring and advance to a professional level as a Ballerina.

3DPT:  What is your favorite part of coming to physical therapy?

Johanna:  My favorite part about coming to 3-D physical therapy is that the people are so friendly. It has a warm family-type atmosphere. I appreciate that Allison always works me hard and ensures that I get stronger every minute I’m there and helps me to meet my goals.