Madz Uetz – February 2019

Madeline Uetz3DPT: Tell us about your injury and how it affected you mentally.

Madz: Tearing your ACL does not just effect you physically but mentally too. Just two days after I had surgery, I went for my first day of Physical Therapy and I couldn’t even move without pain. This made me believe that there would be a chance I would not be the same athlete I was. From there on, I became stronger, day by day, week by week, and mentally I grew stronger. This injury also taught me to take advantage of the time you have to play now because you never know when your career could end.

3DPT: What was the most challenging part of your rehab?

Madz: The most challenging part of my rehab was starting to run and jump on my knee. Mentally it scares me because I do not want to go through this injury again.

3DPT: How many sports do you play and which one is your favorite?

Madz: I play soccer and lacrosse but soccer is my favorite.

3DPT: What advice would you give someone who is going through a similar injury?

Madz: Do not give up and stay positive. No matter how hard it gets, it could always be worse. It takes little steps to get to a big goal.

3DPT: Where will you be going to college and which sport do you plan on playing?

Madz: I am attending Misericordia University and will be studying health sciences to become a Physicians Assistant. I will also be playing soccer there.

3DPT: What is your go to meal the night before a big game?

Madz:  My go to meal before a big game is an apple. I always have an apple before I play

3DPT: What will be your highlight in your first season back from injury?

Madz: My highlight my first season back will be finally being able to play with my friends again and play the game I love and to not just sit and watch on the sidelines anymore.