We are taking every possible measure to ensure the safety of our patients and staff including:

  • Instructing all patients and staff to stay home if they are experience symptoms related to COVID-19
  • Asking all patients and staff members to wear a mask
  • Taking all patients’ temperatures before treatment to ensure a normal temperature under 100.4 degrees
  • Asking patients to wash hands and/or sanitize hands before treatment
  • All staff will wash their hands/sanitize before, during and after treating each patient
  • Frequently disinfecting all equipment, treatment tables, chairs, doors, bathrooms, counters and other frequently used surfaces
  • Spacing treatment tables to greater than 6 feet apart
  • Following all state CDC recommendations

We also continue to provide physical therapy for our patients via telehealth and homecare visits, allowing patients to stay at home and get the same guidance and instruction from a 3DPT Physical Therapist.

Telehealth visits are available to all patients, without a prescription from a physician for 30 days.  Many insurance companies have been covering telehealth services, and at most times with no copays or deductibles. However this coverage may be ending for many patients.  As always we will verify your benefits before your first visit, in person or telehealth.

Please do not hesitate to contact your local 3DPT office for more information about our safety procedures or to ask any questions about your physical therapy options.

Want to know what transitioning to telehealth PT is like? Florence and Barry can tell you! Barry’s been coming into 3DPT Cherry Hill for some time and has been continuing his PT with Chuck virtually. Hear how he and His wife, Florence feel about it.


Florence and Barry