Blood Flow Restriction

BFR is a rehab intervention and performance enhancing tool that uses the body’s natural systems of stress and recovery. Trained 3DPT physical therapists use an FDA-approved tourniquet on a specific part of the body to restrict 50-80% of venous blood flow to create positive effects that will allow for increased muscle growth and strength that you would traditionally need a heavy load to achieve. BFR allows for muscle strengthening under low loads (weight) which causes less breakdown of muscles.

By adding BFR to the early stages of rehab patients can get the same effect as heavy high load weight lifting without stressing healing structures. This is important because we are able to minimize atrophy (muscle loss) during those early stages right after surgery. This leads to our patients getting back to sport, work, or their favorite activities quickly and stronger than ever.

We have also had success with patients who are unable to tolerate high loads/intensity due to pain or other complicating factors, including arthritis and tendinopathy.