Benjamin Harris, SPT

by | April 14, 2022


  • Doctorate in Physical Therapy, Arcadia University
    October 2022
  • B.S. in Exercise and Sports Science, Temple University
    December 2019
  • Wilson High School, West Lawn, PA

Why I want to become a Physical Therapist

I want to be a physical therapist to make a difference in the way people view their body and movement. I want to be an active part of change in healthcare that enables people to move rather than create fear or limitations. I want to teach people that they are capable of more and able to live active healthy lifestyles and overcome their impairments.

What do you feel are the most important qualities in a physical therapist

Being an attentive listener so that our patients feel valued and paid attention to. Empathy so that we are doing our
best to treat their condition in a way that works for them. Encouragement to help give patients work through the difficult process of rehab. Finally being an active learner so that we are constantly improving our practice in a way that benefits our patients and leads to better outcomes over time.

Personal Interests/hobbies

My main hobby is powerlifting. I compete as a 110 kg weight class powerlifter with a squat of 634 lbs, bench of 446 lbs, and deadlift of 639 lbs in competition and I coach a team of powerlifters that compete up to the national level. I also enjoy music of a variety of genres and have most recently attended concerts seeing Caamp, Neck Deep, the Menzingers, and The Wonder Years.