Brian Konzelmann, SPT

by | August 9, 2021


  • Doctorate in Physical Therapy Candidate, Rutgers University
  • Bachelors in Health Sciences, Stockton University

Treatment Areas of Interest/Specialties

I am interested in working with a variety of patients dealing with musculoskeletal injuries or general orthopedic.  I enjoy the challenge that comes with seeing a variety of patients and working in different areas.  With that being said, I am especially interested in the knee and the ankle because of having seen a lot of my family have issues within those joints and seeing the rehabilitation process of them so often.

Why I want to be a Physical Therapist

Growing up, I had a lot of family members going to Physical Therapy so I saw a lot of injuries and I would always end up going to the appointments with them.  That combined with playing sports in High School made me more and more interested in how the human body worked and how injuries would begin and resolve.  After spending so much time seeing it, it began  to interest me how everything resolved with some time and exercise which led me to pursue the career and start planning for a future as a Physical Therapist.

What do you feel are the most important qualities in a Physical Therapist

There are so many qualities that a Physical Therapist should have but among the most important I would have to say is compassion, adaptability and a good personality to communicate with patients and develop a good relationship.

Personal Interests/Hobbies

I enjoy spending time with my friends and playing sports outside with basketball being at the top of the outdoor sports I enjoy.  I have also done mixed martial arts for a very long time and that has always held a large percentage of what I was interested in.  I also enjoy getting the chance to teach someone about what it is I am interested in and because of that some of my interest in mixed martial arts often spread to some of my friends.  With their new interest giving me a chance to teach them some of the more fun techniques and work on helping them progress and see their own passion for the sport ignite.