Gabriella Marinaccio, SPT

by | August 7, 2018 |


  • Anticipated DPT – Arcadia University (2019)
  • BA in Biology – Arcadia University (2017)
  • Staten Island Technical High School (2013)

What made you pursue physical therapy as a career?
I went to an engineering high school, but wanted to pursue a career that let me help and work closely with people. I also grew up playing sports in a family of athletes, so I’ve always known I wanted to do something that kept me active for the rest of my life. I see physical therapists as engineers of the body, helping people move better to get back to the things they love to do which is why it quickly became my dream job. Now I’m just 6 months away from graduating with my doctorate and I’m so thankful for the opportunity to spend them here at 3D!

What do you feel are the most important qualities of a physical therapist?
I think a physical therapist has to be able to make a connection with every one of their patients – you’ll be working together as a team to get better which requires good communication and trust! A physical therapist also needs to be able to think on their feet and adapt their plans in real time based on how a patient is feeling or performing that day. Each session should build on the last, all working towards the goals set by the patient.

What are you interests outside of work?

  • I worked for the strength and conditioning coach during grad school so I like to lift and have recently been trying to improve my running. I hope to be able to run a 10k by next spring!
  • I’m from New York and I enjoy going into Manhattan as often as I can to to spend time with friends exploring the city.
  • I’ve played basketball my entire life and still love to play and watch, especially the NCAA. Go Heels!