Nathan Fullam, SPT

by | February 10, 2021


  • I am in my final year attending Widener University’s Institute of Physical Therapy Education to obtain my DPT
  • I am currently completing my third and final clinical affiliation at 3DPT in Cherry Hill.
  • In 2018, I received my Bachelor of Arts in Psychology at Widener University.

Treatment Areas of Interest:

There are two areas of physical therapy that have my interest. The first area of interest is outpatient orthopedics. The second area of interest is inpatient neurology, specifically brain injury. During my schooling, I was given the opportunity to complete clinical affiliations in both settings and this has given me a greater appreciation for our profession as a whole.

How I Got Into Physical Therapy:

My first encounter with physical therapy was when I was in the eighth grade and I tore my MCL playing football. I underwent knee reconstruction surgery and spent the next ten months in physical therapy rehabilitating my knee. My physical therapist educated me every step of the way and I was able to completely return to all sports and never had another problem with my knee again. Physical therapy educated me and helped me return to my active lifestyle. I want to be able to provide that kind of education and care to each person that I treat.

What Are The Most Important Qualities In A Physical Therapist:

The most important qualities that a physical therapist must possess in order to successfully treat patients includes being good at communication, developing a strong foundation of knowledge regarding the human body and movement patterns, and being empathetic towards every patient that walks through the door. I consider communication to be the most important quality that a physical therapist can possess. Communication includes being able to actively listen to each patient and being open to collaborate with other team members. Without communication skills, it is difficult for a therapist to demonstrate their knowledge and be empathetic towards the patient. There are many other important qualities that physical therapists should possess but I feel that these three are the most important.

Personal Interests & Hobbies:

Outside of the world of physical fitness and expanding my knowledge of the body, I enjoy spending time with family and friends (as much as you can in today’s world). I also enjoy anything that gets me outdoors like fishing, hiking, and playing sports recreationally. I am an avid Philadelphia sports fan, love to listen to country music, and I am starting to get into home renovation projects.