Sean King PT, DPT

by | November 6, 2017



  • Northern Valley Regional High School – Demarest (2009)
  • BS in Health and Exercise Science from Rowan University (2013)
  • Doctorate in Physical Therapy from Arcadia University (2017)

What made you decide to pursue physical therapy as a career?
I have always had tons of interest in both sports and exercise. Early in my college undergraduate days at Rowan University, I sought to combine my passion for exercise and athletics with my strong ability to mentor and educate others. One day during my senior year, as I was closing in on graduating with my degree in Health and Exercise Science to soon promote health and wellness to others, I badly injured my knee playing basketball. I spent six months in physical therapy, where despite being away from the sports I loved, I knew I found a new home. The sincere care and education that I received to literally get me back on my feet and ultimately back to full function helped to solidify the decision. I decided to pursue 3 more years of schooling to earn my doctorate of physical therapy. My experience as a patient gave me an opportunity to understand the impact physical therapists can have on the health of others. I am excited to continue to provide that same care throughout my professional career as a PT.

What do you feel are good qualities to look for in a physical therapist?
I learned early on in my physical therapy education that there is both a science and an art to physical therapy.  In terms of the science, a good PT is one that has a great background knowledge of the human body. More specifically, physical therapists see themselves as the “movement specialists” and should have strong anatomy and kinesiology backgrounds. A PT that has this can better consider the whole body and the to discover any impairments that may alter the way we move as humans. A PT can take this knowledge and combine it with the most relevant and up to date evidence based research to develop a thorough plan of care to help patients work to reach their goals.  Then, there is the art to PT, where a good PT can listen and communicate well with others. A good PT can tell when to listen and empathize as needed. A good PT can also tell when to communicate to educate and motivate patients as needed. We tend to spend the most time with our patients when looking at different areas of healthcare, so developing friendly and open relationships with patients is key to working towards good outcomes.

What are your interests outside of work?

  • I live in Marlton, NJ with my wonderful fiancé (and fellow Physical Therapist) Liz.
  • During the warmer months, I really enjoy spending time outdoors. Anything from camping/hiking the nearest trails or fishing at the nearest beach. I look forward to doing so in distant countries in the future.
  • During the winter, I do a lot of snowboarding with friends and/or family. I have been to Colorado once and can’t wait to make it back out west.
  • All year round I like to exercise, train, and play sports, especially basketball. Also, I am an avid New York sports fan!