I have seen many physical therapists and finally found the one who has had the most impact on me, Chuck Bachi. I was having a lot of trouble with my herniated discs and finally found Chuck who had me take a different approach than all the other Physical Therapists. He is very smart and has an answer for all your questions. If he doesn’t know, he will look it up, he is just as determined to learn about your pain as you are. He’ll show you exactly what your body is doing to protect your injury and what needs to be done to strengthen or rehabilitate it. If you tell him you think something’s not working, or you don’t like an exercise, etc. he doesn’t just tell you try harder, he listens. And will give you something that will work. I rather go to him for advice than a doctor’s office, he genuinely cares and is worth your time. I definitely would recommend going in for a visit to him if you are having trouble or are in pain: this isn’t just a review, it’s a quick cheat move before you  go to countless doctors who want to give you meds, shots or surgery. I wish I knew Chuck 10 years ago!