Injury Prevention

For athletes, possibly nothing could be worse than missing playing time due to an injury! It’s no secret that an athlete involved in competitive sports at any level puts their body at risk for injury but for most athletes, the risk is worth the reward.  Certain athletes may be more susceptible to particular injuries based on which sport they play, and each sport places different demands and stresses on the body that make certain injuries more likely to occur.

What can an athlete do to stay healthy? Studies have shown that injury prevention training can significantly MINIMIZE the risk of injury! By training and preparing for play – not just practicing skills, but strengthening bodies to handle the stresses of play – can reduce the risk, or help prevent, injuries from occurring.

3DPT is now offering sport-specific Injury Prevention training programs for teams and individual players, led by Physical Therapists.  Now is the time to get ready for next season!

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