THANK YOU 3DPT Tabernacle!!

After having my ACL replaced and work done on my meniscus I was feeling pretty discouraged and unsure about the future of my knee! I’m only 23 years old and haven’t been able to dance or work out or play in a long time. When I decided on surgery I knew I was doing the right thing for my future but more importantly I would need to follow up and work hard to help get my new ACL up to par with my body. When I found 3DPT I was very excited not only because they are a newly opened business but they are also only two minutes around the corner from my house nestled in the middle of this quiet town. I am now one month and a half post operation and I’m already feeling stronger than ever thanks to Katy and the staff at 3DPT. Their kindness is unmatched and everyone has a very fun and lighthearted vibe that really motivates you to get moving. On top of that their safety protocols are well followed and everything is brand new and very clean and kept sanitized by the incredible staff. I’m only part of the way through my recovery and I am happy to spend the time improving at 3DPT. I never thought I could feel excited to go and work out at PT and get moving!! THANK YOU 3DPT Tabernacle!! You guys are the best and seeing little puppy Parker could lift anyone’s spirits!

Dakota Howland

I have seen many physical therapists and finally found the one who has had the most impact on me…

I have seen many physical therapists and finally found the one who has had the most impact on me, Chuck Bachi. I was having a lot of trouble with my herniated discs and finally found Chuck who had me take a different approach than all the other Physical Therapists. He is very smart and has an answer for all your questions. If he doesn’t know, he will look it up, he is just as determined to learn about your pain as you are. He’ll show you exactly what your body is doing to protect your injury and what needs to be done to strengthen or rehabilitate it. If you tell him you think something’s not working, or you don’t like an exercise, etc. he doesn’t just tell you try harder, he listens. And will give you something that will work. I rather go to him for advice than a doctor’s office, he genuinely cares and is worth your time. I definitely would recommend going in for a visit to him if you are having trouble or are in pain: this isn’t just a review, it’s a quick cheat move before you  go to countless doctors who want to give you meds, shots or surgery. I wish I knew Chuck 10 years ago!

Dennis Saggese

Being a professional athlete…

Being a professional athlete, I work with athletic trainers and physical therapists on a regular basis. With that said, Ken, Jeff, and the rest of the 3D staff are some of the most knowledgeable therapists that I have ever met. I came to Ken with a different source of pain every month and he had me feeling pain free in no time. The 3D staff provides a very welcoming environment. They really take their time to get to know you and develop a program based on what you feel comfortable doing. 3D plays a big part in preparing me for spring training every year. Thanks to 3D, my body feels stronger and healthier than it ever has.

I’m very thankful for everything that 3D has done for me and I enjoy every minute that I spend there.

Joe Gunkel

I had a phenomenal experience…

I can’t thank you enough for all of the hard work you put into my recovery! I had a phenomenal experience at 3DPT and will miss you guys but hopefully I won’t have to come back unless I’m just saying hello! Thank you so much for all that you’ve done for me!

Sarah T.

A special thank you to everyone at 3D

A special thank you to everyone at 3D therapy for helping me get back on my feet after my hip surgery. A special thank you to Ken for spending six weeks with me. With his help I’m on my way back to doing everything I want to do. I would recommend 3D therapy to all my friends and family.

Ron S.

I would recommend 3DPT to anyone

I would recommend 3DPT to anyone recovering from total hip replacement surgery.  The staff are focused on you, your strengths, limits and pace you at a level that will not cause you to hurt yourself by going beyond your ability.  Thank you Ken, Justin, Gina, Janine and Carlie.

Dennis M.

The staff at 3D made me feel so comfortable…

After dealing with shoulder pain for over a year and trying a few different treatments I thought I was out of luck. It wasn’t until I found 3D Physical Therapy that I felt relief from my chronic pain. The staff at 3D made me feel so comfortable and I trusted them completely. They made physical therapy fun and helped put me at ease during stressful times. My high school and dance schedule can be hectic, but they did their best to accommodate me. I’m so thankful the talented staff at 3D were able to help me recover in time for my dance recital. They’re the best in the business and I would highly recommend them!

Jayden R.

…my experience is nothing short of exceptional

I currently receive PT services at 3DPT Deptford, and I must say that my experience is nothing short of exceptional. From the moment I walk in, I’m always greeted by name from the friendly and welcoming Brenda who also helps schedule my appointments and the helpful and knowledgeable Hayley and Jake who are always on hand to assist during my sessions.

But what truly makes my experience at 3DPT stand out is the expertise and dedication of my physical therapist, Nate. His approach is not only professional but also empathetic and encouraging, and he is always available to answer my questions and address any concerns I have about my ongoing treatment.

The facilities at 3DPT are immaculately clean and well-organized. Zach clearly takes great pride in maintaining a facility that is conducive to healing and recovery.

Overall, I cannot recommend 3DPT highly enough. From the friendly and professional staff to the expert care and attention provided by Nate, my experience at 3DPT is truly exceptional. If you’re in need of physical therapy services, and don’t want to feel like “just another patient” look no further than 3DPT – it’s truly a 5-star experience!

Jamie C