About Us

When discussing movement, there are three dimensions, or planes – forward and backwards, side to side, and twisting or rotation. Each and every movement in our lives occurs through a combination of all three of these dimensions.

3DPT believes that the best and most efficient way to progress a patient from injured to rehabilitated is to reteach the body to move through these three dimensions. Our team optimizes our patients’ recovery and wellness three ways:


We treat you in three dimensions: forward and backwards, side to side, and twisting-rotation to most efficiently progress you from injury back to activity.


We help you completely understand your injury, goals, and treatment process – and how to maintain and improve your health post-treatment.


We’re your coach, cheerleader, and friend throughout your treatment to keep you focused and on track to achieve the best possible results.

Our Mission

Our mission at 3 Dimensional Physical Therapy is to raise the standard for the healthcare and workplace experience to best serve our community.

We do this by living by our Core Values – the things most important to us as a company, what 3DPT stands for and what we wanted to leave with every patient that comes to 3DPT.

You will see our Core Values listed on the wall in the reception areas of our offices, because we want these values to be front and center for every employee to remember and every patient to see.   Here they are:

  • Community – We feel fortunate to be a part of great communities!  We want to actively bring value to our communities and to support our towns, neighbors and partner businesses.  We love taking part in events so you will probably run into us!
  • Honesty/Integrity – We want to earn the trust of every patient that chooses 3DPT.  That means we will be honest in every situation and honor our commitment to providing the service and care we promise.
  • Accountability – We promise to do our part for each patient – as a business and as a caregiver. Our promises include:  Spending the necessary time and care with each patient by not scheduling more than 2 patients/hour, working to ensure patients do not have to wait for appointments and can work with the same therapist each visit, provide transparent billing,  and most of all we promise to always provide the best customer service and care to every person that comes to 3DPT!
  • Stepping Up – PT can be uncomfortable and recovery can be a long road.  We want our patients to know that we will be there for them by stepping up to challenges and staying committed to see them succeed.  We work with our patients to develop a customized treatment plan that meets their goals, not a standard set of exercises or stretches for everyone.
  • Commitment to Excellence – Each 3DPT employee is committed to providing the BEST – excellent – customer service and physical therapy care to our patients.

To sum it up, everything we do has one goal in mind – to provide a great experience for every patient, every visit.  Keeping these values top of mind helps us to ensure we’re delivering a great patient experience.

Advanced Board Certifications

Orthopedic Certified Specialist (OCS) – Advanced board certification by the American Board of Physical Therapy Specialties that requires 2,000 hours in orthopedic physical therapy and passing a 7 hour written examination.

Sports Certified Specialist (SCS) –Advanced board certification by the American Board of Physical Therapy Specialties that requires 2,000 hours in sports physical therapy in both the clinical setting and on-field training, completing a First Responder certification by the American Red Cross, and passing a 7 hour written examination.

Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) – Advanced certification in strength and conditioning by the National Strength and Conditioning Association that requires completion of a 4 hour written and practical test.

Certified Golf Fitness Professional – Advanced certification training by the Titleist Performance Institute in recognition and treatment of golf swing faults and injury risk that requires completion of a 2-day course and a written test.