Patrick McGlynn

Patrick McGlynn

3DPT is proud to announce Patrick McGlynn as its latest patient of the month. Patrick has been an on and off patient since the beginning of 3DPT more than 5 years ago. Patrick will be a junior at Shawnee this fall and is a big fan of Philadelphia sports. Patrick is one of 3DPT’s favorite patients, especially since he is such a good sport every time a team from Pittsburgh wins a championship – he and Jeff always bet and the loser has to wear a team Jersey from the other city. This is Patrick’s third time wearing a Jerome Bettis Steelers jersey (Jeff has yet to wear a Philadelphia jersey). Great job Patrick – keep up the good work this summer and maybe one day soon there will be a parade in Philadelphia for you to go to.

3DPT: What is your favorite part of coming to physical therapy @ 3DPT?

PM: My favorite part of PT is seeing all of the people at the office and surprisingly enough I also like doing the workout.

3DPT: What is your least favorite exercise that you do in therapy?

PM: That is easy – my least favorite is doing planks.

3DPT: What would it take for you to become a fan of all of the Pittsburgh teams?

PM: I would never betray my Philadelphia roots and become a Pittsburgh fan.

3DPT: Who is your favorite athlete of all time?

PM: I have a couple – Carson Wentz (he is going to be a star), Joel Embiid (he is also going to be a star), and Claude Giroux.

3DPT: I know you and your dad like to travel around to different cities and go to baseball games. What is your favorite baseball stadium you have been to?

PM: Fenway Park is by far the best stadium I’ve been to.

3DPT: What is your favorite food to order at a Phillies game?

PM: A cheesesteak from Campos.

3DPT: What is your favorite place to go in the summer?

PM: My family spends a lot of time at Long Bach Island every summer.

3DPT: What is your favorite food to eat at the beach?

PM: Ice cream – my favorite is the Wizard of Oz ice cream sundae at a place called The Showplace Ice Cream Parlor.

3DPT: When is the next time you think you will have to wear another Pittsburgh jersey?

PM: I hope never again but it will probably end up being next year.