Have you had to put a surgery on hold due to COVID?

Elective surgeries like ACL reconstructions, rotator cuff surgery or joint replacements, may not be life-saving procedures, but for anyone suffering with pain or limitations, it can feel that way.

There’s good news though!

While you may have to wait a while longer for your surgery, you can actually begin to prepare for your post-surgical recovery and increase the effectiveness of rehab after surgery now, with PREHABILITATION.

After a surgery, recovery can be a long, hard road. Physical Therapy plays an integral part in post-surgical rehab, helping people get back strength, range of motion and proper movement of the body.  But studies show that “PREhabilitation,” or Physical therapy before surgery, has many benefits, including:

  •  Decreasing the length of hospital stay, post-operative pain and complications
  •  Improving overall physical function
  •  And best of all, patients who did rehab before surgery returned to work and sports sooner than patients who did not undergo pre-surgery treatment!

Additionally by participating in prehabilitation, you will build strength and physical therapy can help you manage pain associated with an injury.

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