THANK YOU 3DPT Tabernacle!!

Written by on July 26, 2022

THANK YOU 3DPT Tabernacle!!

After having my ACL replaced and work done on my meniscus I was feeling pretty discouraged and unsure about the future of my knee! I’m only 23 years old and haven’t been able to dance or work out or play in a long time. When I decided on surgery I knew I was doing the right thing for my future but more importantly I would need to follow up and work hard to help get my new ACL up to par with my body. When I found 3DPT I was very excited not only because they are a newly opened business but they are also only two minutes around the corner from my house nestled in the middle of this quiet town. I am now one month and a half post operation and I’m already feeling stronger than ever thanks to Katy and the staff at 3DPT. Their kindness is unmatched and everyone has a very fun and lighthearted vibe that really motivates you to get moving. On top of that their safety protocols are well followed and everything is brand new and very clean and kept sanitized by the incredible staff. I’m only part of the way through my recovery and I am happy to spend the time improving at 3DPT. I never thought I could feel excited to go and work out at PT and get moving!! THANK YOU 3DPT Tabernacle!! You guys are the best and seeing little puppy Parker could lift anyone’s spirits!

Dakota Howland

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