The Top 5 Tips for Better Posture

Written by on December 20, 2017

The Top 5 Tips for Better Posture

These are the top 5 Tips for Better Posture:

1. Embrace your curves!

  1. Spine has normal curvatures that help to maximize your muscles ability to stabilize and position your spine in the least shearing or compressive positions. Using something like a Lumbar Pillow can help maintain your normal Lordotic curve at your low back.

2. Eyes up here!

  1. We all do it, we are constantly looking down at our phone, computer etc. Try lifting your head up so your eyes are level and tuck your chin back towards you slightly. This should be your normal resting positions. Adjust your mirrors in your car for this posture. Adjust your computer to be at eye level in this posture. Every inch of , “forward head” can increase the weight on your neck by an additional 10lbs!!!*

3. Stretch it out!

    1. Better posture image 2Our chest muscles and the muscles in the back of our head and neck tend to get tight when we have a forward head posture. Ask your therapist to help you learn to stretch these muscles!
    1. Check out these Stretches for your neck as explained by PT Chuck Bachi


4.Get Moving!

  1. Staying in one positions for too long is bad all around. If you sit all day make it a point to stand for 10 min every hour. If you stand all day, try to sit for a few minutes or perform a few simple stretches to mix up your stance.

5. Stronger, Better, Faster

  1. Regular strengthening to your postural muscles includes your shoulder and shoulder blade muscles. The deep neck muscles in the front of your neck should also be worked. Ask your therapist about how to work these muscles groups!

Check out these postural strengthening exercises as explained by PT Jessica Jennings

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