Caroline – June 2019

Caroline Hoover3DPT:  Tell us about why you started coming to physical therapy at 3DPT.

Caroline:  I hurt myself and I needed help to fix my knee.  My sister and brother had both been patients before at 3DPT.  Mr. Jeff (Sallade) was my first soccer coach so I knew him too.

3DPT:  What was/has been the hardest part of your therapy? 

Caroline:  When Carly introduces a new stretch for the first time it is always hard and hurts a little.

3DPT:  What goals do you have related to dance, after leaving physical therapy and and in the years to come? 

Caroline:  I want to dance without my knee brace and not be in pain when I am dancing.  I want to continue dancing hip hop, tap , and jazz for years to come.

3DPT:  What advice would you give to another people who suffered similar injuries? 

Caroline:  I would tell them to just keep going to therapy.  Don’t stop because in the end it helps

3DPT:  What is your favorite part of coming to physical therapy?

Caroline:  This is easy.  The best thing is the people, especially Carly.  Everyone is so nice and they make my visits fun!