What is E-Stim?

Written by on June 14, 2019

What is E-Stim?

It may sound technical, or even a little scary, but NMES is just another tool that 3DPT Physical Therapists use to help get patients the best results from their physical therapy program…

NeuroMuscular Electronic Stimulation, or NMES, uses electrical impulses to help increase strength and range of motion especially for muscles that can’t be used due to injury. It is often used to “re-train” a muscle to function and to build strength before or after a surgery.

For example, often times after a major knee injury or surgery, the quadricep (thigh muscle) becomes inhibited and does not function well. By using this form of electrical stimulation we will help “wake up” the quad muscle and get it firing.

In this video, Ryan demonstrates NMES on field hockey player, Kara Heck, who will be undergoing ACL surgery next week. The goal is to get her quadricep muscle firing as strong as possible so she goes into her surgery with a quad muscle that is strong and functioning well. The twitching of the muscle that you see in the video is done by the electric stimulation.

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