Can Physical Therapy get rid of my Headaches?

Written by on August 8, 2019

Can Physical Therapy get rid of my Headaches?

Did you know your 3DPT physical therapist can help you decrease or eliminate headache pain? A trained physical therapist can help to decrease pain caused from musculoskeletal headaches, which are headaches caused by muscle tension, joint dysfunction, or irritation to the nerves in your neck.  Some of the muscles that can cause headaches include your upper trapezius, suboccipitals, and sternocleidomastoid, to name a few! 

As with any first visit at 3DPT, your physical therapist will do a thorough evaluation with you – obtaining a history of your headaches and other information, along with evaluating your movement and strength.

From there we will create a personalized treatment plan involving muscular releases and joint mobilizations, followed by stretching and strengthening to eliminate the muscle imbalance that can cause headaches.

In this video, Liz demonstrates what a treatment for headaches might look like.  It’s amazing that muscles and joints that may not have been bothering you could be the cause of headache pain!

As experts in how our bodies work, physical therapists can help determine underlying causes of pain, such as headaches.  If you’ve been suffering from headaches, call one of our offices to make an appointment!

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